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AA Pond Stocking- Delicious Fishes Inc.

Backyard Pond

About Us

At AA Pond Stocking- Delicious Fishes Inc., we pride ourselves on our quality services and our great prices. AA Pond Stocking- Delicious Fishes Inc. is your number one trusted choice pond fish supply store in Myakka and the surrounding areas. We also pride ourselves on our vast knowledge of all things fish pond related. We can get you the assistance you need with properly supplying your fish for background pond in Myakka, largely due to our well-trained and highly knowledgeable staff members.


Mosquito fish 1000 count $80
Blue tilapia 100 count $70
Bluegill 100 count $70
Hybrid bluegill 100 count $85
Crappie( Speckled Perch) 100 count $85
Channel catfish 100 count $70
Grass carp triploid 1 count $15
Grass shrimp 1000 count $80
Bullfrog tadpoles 100 count $200
Koi 1 count $5 & up
Largemouth bass 100 count $100

Garden pond and Lake plants $1.50 & up

Fountains and aeration special order only

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